Autoclaves and Sterilizers are used by dentists and doctors in the dental and medicinal industries as well as laboratories to sterilize glassware, utensils and even some clothing like lab coats etc. Another application that is using autoclaves more and more is tattooing, tattoo artists need to get their needles scrupulously clean to prevent infection and this is the perfect equipment for them. There are two main principles of cleaning used, steam or ultraviolet light depending on what it is that needs to be cleaned.

The following are what we have found to be the best buys available right now on

#5 Tuttnauer 1730 Value Clave


First up we are recommending the Tuttnauer 1730 Value Clave, like all products from this manufacturer it is pure quality. This is the entry level machine in the range but it perfect for many smaller practices and businesses with its compact 7″ chamber. Another option could be to get one of these units as a second autoclave for your operation for more cleaning capacity or for use as a standby in case your main autoclave is out of action. Simplicity and ease of use is at the heart of the 1730 with easy to use controls and the cleaning cycle is fast and efficient.


#4 SBSC-23L Autoclave Sterilizer by SMTmax


Next up for review is the SBSC-23L Autoclave Sterilizer, a very nice machine that sterilizes and sanitizes your medical instruments – whether they are packed or unpacked. It is fully compliant with EN13060 standards for convenient cleaning and European B standard vacuum pre-drying, whilst residual humidity gets down to as low as just 0.2%. This model has a top-opening water tank for ease of accessibility and the machine is designed so that the steam reaches every corner of every instrument for perfect cleaning each time. Fully computerized control with a nice easy to read panel makes this a breeze to use.


#3 12L Liter Portable Autoclave Steam Sterilizer for Medical Dental Tattoo Professionals


Number three is this Autoclave Steam Sterilizer, which is fully portable and with its 12 liter capacity is ideal for medical, dental and tattoo professionals alike. It uses saturated steam for rapid and efficient sterilization and it suitable for use in hospitals, health centers, tattoo parlours, clinics, science centres and research institutes. Many various items can be sterilized – from glass utensils, medical equipment, surgical dressings and needles among others. The unit has very low power consumption, about 50% less than using a conventional stove and has rapid heating and cooling. Very versatile with dozens of uses, some of the interesting other uses for this machine include making high quality drinking water and even use as a pressure cooker. Acid and alkili proof in 100% stainless steel with the emphasis on safety, the lid is equipped with a safety valve and air releasing valve and features 6 point locking.


#2 Tuttnauer 2340M Manual Autoclave Sterilizer


Runner-up is the Tuttnauer 2340M Autoclave Sterilizer, a great piece of kit from one of the market leaders. Tuttnauer is an American company that has been making and servicing sterilizing equipment for over 20 years now and deserve their place as one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities all built to the same exacting standards, this autoclave is ideal for use in dental practices, hospitals, labs and infectious waste disposal units. Featuring an electronic fast closed door system, the unit is fully automatic.

Tuttnauer is a leading manufacturer of autoclaves and offer a wide range, for more detailsk click here


#1 WAF Electric 27.3 Quart 650 Watts/6.88 amps Sterilizer


Our most highly rated machine is the All-American Electric 27.3 Quart which comes highly recommended by users on Amazon. The operation is dead simple, just pour some distilled water into the bottom of the unit and place your items to be cleaned on the rack above. Featuring a metal to metal seal on the lid, this is perfect as it creates a better seal while at the same time means that you won’t have to spend money on replacing gaskets, an expense that can be quite costly over time. Available in both 120V and 220V models (make sure you order the right one for your electrical supply) and there is a knob for adjusting the temperature in a range (from 1-10, 100 degrees F being the lowest)

Note that as well as being available in different voltages, there is also a less expensive 14.5 Quart model available that we would recommend if you have smaller stuff to clean.