There is a great range of electronic kitchen scales available nowadays. The design is modern and sleek and ergonomic in cool technical colors like silver and black. Accuracy has improved enormously over the years and in general modern day kitchen scales are very precise and the measurements can be relied upon. Although the scales are only intended for use in the kitchen, the design models are calibrated in a science lab to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.

The following are some recommendations of what we consider to be the best electronic kitchen scales on the market at the moment…

#5 Ozeri Pro Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Silver Finish


These are traditional round shaped kitchen scales and look great in a range of exciting colors to match any kitchen decor. They look both taditional and modern at the same time and will look perfect in any kitchen.

The main things that distinguish the Ozeri Pro kitchen scales is its accuracy for weights up to 12 lbs, the immediate response time and the simplicity of use. The scales have a degree of precision that you don’t find in many similarly priced models with 0.05 ounce graduations – equivalent to just one gram. The Pro has been favorably compared to much more expensive models by users who say the accuracy is spot-on.

Elegant and easy to use, with all the operations able to be carried out via two large buttons that give off a satisfying click to let you know they have been pressed correctly.

A must-have for all kitchen scales nowadays is the tare net weight feature, this feature calculates the weight of the ingredients without including the weight of the measuring bowl so you can be confident your recipes will be accurate and your dishes will turn out spot on. The other button instantly convert your units from ounces to grams or kilograms to pounds and vice versa with the large display screen showing the results. The Pronto runs off batteries which are supplied and last for ages, it uses very little power and you will get a long time of use out of your batteries.

The item ships internationally so if you’re outside the USA you can still get it sent to you with Amazon’s legendary speedy delivery.


#4 Kinzi Digital Touch Kitchen Scale (12 lbs Edition), Tempered Glass in Clean White


With a 12 lbs measuring ability, the Kinzi has a bit more measuring capacity than most of the other scales in the same price range so if you need that little bit extra for what you’re weighing this would be the choice for you. Built with typical German efficiency, the high precision sensors ensure that these scales are highly accurate in increments of 1 gram (0.05 oz).

Like the others in this section the Kinzi has a zero tare function to allow automatic subtracting of the eight of the bowl, this speeds up the cooking process as you can just reset the reading and add the weight of the next ingredient rather than having to stop and fiddle around with calculations. The large bright display is stable and the reading stays on for 2-3 minutes, some rival scales will switch off a lot quicker than that causing frustration if you need to start over again. Another great thing about these scales is that they are so easy to clean, there are no unnecessary grooves or tricky corners to get into, everything is on the same surface so cleaning is a breeze.

Featuring a superior build quality than most of the competition with tempered glass surfaces rather than the plastic finish available elsewhere, this unit looks and feels good quality. As a measure of the confidence of the manufacturer, they guarantee to respond to any questions about your purchase within 24 hours, giving you tremendous peace of mind. As another small bonus, the instruction manual is clear and well written in good English, how often have you picked up instructions and not been able to fathom them out!


#3 Etekcity 11lb 5kg Digital Multifunction Food Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl 2.15L Liquid Volume Room Temperature and Timer, Backlight LCD Display


Our number three selection is this great set of scales from Etekcity and they come highly recommended. Measuring power is delivered by means of the built-in high precision strain gauge sensors which provide tremendous accuracy even at very low quantities and the display is clarity itself, backlit in bright blue.

An unusual thing about this set of scales is that in addition to the obvious function of weighing, the scales also have an alarm timer and temperature sensor! A bit quirky maybe but if you are getting this extra functionality at the same price as other scales that don’t have it – why not? At least Etekcity have gone out of their way to try and distinguish their product from the masses.

Sleek and clean looking lines are the order of the day here with an expensive looking stainless steel finish that will outlast most things in your kitchen and it even comes with its own mixing bowl, again quite unusual for a product in this price range. There are warning lights for low battery power and overload.

You will never need measuring cups and spoons again, these scales replace them, with the tare reset feature which allows you to measure as you’re going along – in any units. You just put your bowl on the scale and add your first ingredient for your recipe, then zero the scale and you can add your next ingredient. No need to measure anything any longer!

There are a host of uses for these scales, some of the most common are baking bread and cakes but there are many more such as home brewing, weighing postage and kids science projects.

#2 ZERLA Digital Kitchen Scale


Runner up in the kitchen scales section is the Zerla. In the sales blurb it says the scales are designed to help you eat healthier meals. To be honest that just isn’t the case, knowing the weight of your food is essential in knowing what you are eating but you will only eat more healthy meals if you buy more healthy ingredients and cook them in a more healthy way. But nonetheless, if your portions are being measured properly then there is less chance that you will be overeating as long as you have the willpower to stick to a weight-loss program.

The design is compact and lightweight making these extremely portable and versatile, use these anywhere – at home or even bring them into work with you to check your portions. The large screen is very easy to read and isn’t obstructed even when using larger bowls. The buttons are intuitive and very simple to understand, one for power / tare and the other to switch between units. Another positive is that the top slides off for easy cleaning. These digital kitchen scales measure very accurately and precisely, right up to 11 lbs and right down to one gram (0.05 oz).

Like all of the other scales in this review, the Zerla has a tare button to automatically deduct the weight of the container and reset to zero after each ingredient is added so that you don’t need to mess about with cups and measuring jugs. Unlike some of the other models however, the Zerla is very accurate at measuring right down to the lowest weight. If you are going to be weighing very small quantities and you want reliable accuracy, then this should probably be your first choice.

The scales are supplied with batteries and comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee backed by the manufacturer and you can return them for any reason if you are not 100% satisfied.


#1 Etekcity EK6314 Digital Multifunction Food Kitchen Scale,11lb 5kg, Stainless Steel (Batteries Included)



Our top pick in the kitchen scales category offer a high degree of accuracy combined with a sleek, modern design at a price that you might not believe for such a great piece of kitchen equipment. You will be happy to leave these scales out on the counter such are their great looks. The sleek design makes it a breeze to clean these scales, they offer all you could ask for your kitchen weighing needs – perfect for cooking and baking as well as measuring out exact portion sizes for meal preparation if you are on a diet program.

Another growing use for the Etekcity EK6314 kitchen scales is for weighing parcels for shipping and sending out. If you are going Amazon or eBay or any other home based business. These scale measure precisely, down to 1g or 0.1oz for extremely accurate measurement and this can be important for saving you money. Make sure you are not paying shipping fees for a higher weight category than you need to! These kitchen scales feature precision one gram resolution strain gauge weight measurement. This measuring system uses four highly accurate sensors, a level of technology that you wouldn’t expect to find in such an inexpensive item.

Constructed from glass and finished in attractive brushed stainless steel, the scales are easy to clean and maintain thanks to the anti-fingerprint technology.

Another benefit of the EK6314 is the Easy-tare function. You can use this button to subtract the weight of your container so that you only measure the weight of the contents. this is invaluable when weighing loose or small ingredients or items like rice or flour or small loose items like nuts or candy as well as liquids or chemicals and drugs. Also, zero reset via the easy tare function to save you preparation time by allowing you to mix ingredients in the bowl without doing any calculations, easy unit conversion for swapping between grams, milliliters, pounds and ounces, ability to measure volume as well as weight and low battery warning light, auto turn-off if the scales are left unused, overload indication, backlit display for easy reading of scale.

There is great customer feedback on Amazon for these scales, nearly 1000 buyers have left an impressive score 4.4 out of 5

Negative points to consider
Nothing much to report here, there’s a suggestion that the unit can be a bit heavy on batteries if you use it a lot but that’s not exactly a big problem really, you would expect the batteries not to last as long if you were using them more. And there’s a low power indicator so you should never get caught unaware.

Colour: White
Material: Tempered glass
Weight: 17oz
Display: 40mm diameter LCD
Size: 239 x 153 x 18.8mm (9.6 x 6.1 x 0.8 inches)
Maximum weight capacity: 11 pounds / 5000g / 176fl.oz / 5000ml
Measurement Unit: grams, fluid ounces, pounds, kilograms, millilitres

Package Contents:
Etekcity EK6314-T Digital Kitchen Scale
Batteries 2x lithium ion (CR2032)
User Manual