Conductivity meters measure how well a solution can conduct electricity, this is useful in a lot of general and industrial applications. Conductivity varies with temperature and so conductivity meters have built-in temperature compensation and often have temperature measurement incorporated into the unit.
The main uses of a conductivity meter include water purification systems, boiler water, swimming pools, hydroponics (water gardening), monitoring public water quality, reverse osmosis deionization (RODI) units, fish tanks, testing well and spring water, hospitals, brewing and drink making industry. Although these are budget-priced instruments, they have been calibriated in a science lab for accuracy.

There are some great instruments for sale at the moment on Amazon, let’s take a look at our top five, beginning with number 5…

#5 Myron TDS/Conductivity/Salinity Pocket Pen


First we’ll take a look at the Myron TDS/Conductivity/Salinity Pocket Pen. This is a great little instrument suitable for many different uses that is fast, accurate and also very easy to use. This device is so easy to use that it makes taking your readings a pleasure, just press the button and dip into the water solution and you will get your reading out in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for portability and ease of use with a meter that can be operated with one hand then this is the choice for you.


#4 Hanna Instruments HI 98129 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester


Our second pick is the Hanna Instruments HI 98129 pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester, an excellent instrument that is both very easy to use and very accurate. Hanna is one of the most trusted names in measurement and this meter is no exception to their high standards. This high quality device is waterproof and will float on water. It’s ready for use as soon as you turn it on and you will get very accurate readings making it suitable for a whole range of applications. Unlike some other conductivity testers, the Hanna HI 98129 has replaceable electrodes – thus prolonging the life of the meter.


#3 YSI Pro30 Field Conductivity/Salinity/Specific Conductance/TDS Meter


Next up we feature the YSI Pro30 Field Conductivity/Salinity/Specific Conductance/TDS Meter which is expensive but is a serious bit of kit. One of the most rugged and reliable meters available on the market with an IP67 casing and a 1 metre drop test accreditation to give many years of service in any conditions. The YSI has a 4 electrode system for excellent stability in measurement making it the first choice for many professionals who need to depend on their kit to get the job done every time and can store up to 50 sets of data.


#2 Extech EC400 ExStik Waterproof Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature Meter


The runner up in this section is Extech EC400 ExStik Waterproof Conductivity meter which comes highly recommended for industrial, commercial and domestic use. It measures salinity in both ppm (parts per million) and ppt (parts per thousand) depending on the levels in your solution and has an independent endorsement from a scientist on the sales page verifying the accuracy of the meter. Although this is an advanced piece oof equipment suitable for industrial applications, the price makes it available for household duties like checking salt levels in a swimming pool or monitoring the salt in purified water.

The package comes complete with conductivity cell, protective sensor cap and sample cup and batteries are included.

#1 HM Digital COM-100 Waterproof Combo Meter for EC, TDS and Temperature, 1-Pack


Our top pick in the conductivity meter section is the HM Digital COM-100 Waterproof Combo Meter, a versatile meter that is great for measuring electrical conductivity (EC), total disolved solids (TDS) and temperature. The meter is easy to use and set up, with push-button calibration and has a very useful “Hold” feature that lets you keep the reading displayed so you can read it when the meter is out of the water. So simple to operate, just switch the meter on and dip. You get an instant, accurate reading. Highly recommended!

It has a rugged waterproof housing, comes with a full one year warranty and batteries are included.


A pH meter is an electronic device used for measuring the acidity or alkalinity (pH) of a liquid. The pH reading itself is on the “pH scale” from 1 to 14, with 1 being the highest acidity and 14 being the maximum alkilinity. The neutral point – or zero pH – is 7. A pH meter consists of an electronic meter with a special glass measuring probe connected to it, it measures the pH and gives the the reading on an LCD display. pH meters generally require to be calibrated using control solutions which have precise pH values. There are many uses for the pH meter, both scientific and industrial, as well as normal everyday household applications. These include: Fish ponds (koi carp), plants and gardens, swimming pools, soil analysis, home-brewing, home winemaking, testing well water, testing chemical baths, hydroponic gardening, cheese making, spa baths, drinking water, foodstuffs.

Here we have the best five pH meters currently available on

Starting with #5…

#5 HORIBA LAQUAtwin 3200456563 Model B-713 Compact pH Meter


First for review is our fifth place choice, the HORIBA LAQUAtwin 3200456563 Model B-713 Compact pH Meter, that to be honest is not for everybody due to being a bit more expensive than some of the meters on the marketplace. However if you need really fast accurate pH measurement in a just seconds, this is regarded by many as the best compact pH meter available. It measures pH samples in water, soil, plants, food and more from as little as a single drop of sample – all at the touch of a button. Easy to calibrate, user-selectable for either one or two point calibration. With Horiba you know you are buying a quality, well designed product and it is easy to use, accurate and stable as well as being able to be stored dry.


#4 Milwaukee Instruments Waterproof pH Tester


Our second choice is from Milwaukee Instruments and is a waterproof pH meter. This is a great meter if you are not particularly technical due to its quick and easy configuration and you’ll find that is is compact and easy to store. For peace of mind though, the customer service guys at Milwaukee Instruments are superb and if you have any problem at all, just pick up the phone and you’ll be right through to an expert. This meter is ideal for domestic uses including testing the pH in plant soil, drinking water and home brewing and comes with 20ml sachets of ph 4.01 and 7.01 calibration solution. Batteries ARE included and there is a very reassuring 2 year manufacturer warranty.


#3 Hanna Instruments HI98128 pHep 5 pH/Temperature Tester


Next up we rate the Hanna Instruments pHep®5 portable pH/Temperature tester, a compact tester which is used in industrial and laboratory applications. This meter is recommended if you need the highest degree of accuracy at a budget cost. The clear dual-level LCD screen shows both the pH measurement and the current temperature simultaneously and is waterproof and designed to float. Packed with features including: ATC (automatic temperature compensation), automatic pH calibration, user selectable automatic shut-off, hold function, dual temperature scales °C or °F, BEPS, replacable pH electrode cartridge, stability indicator.

The unit comes supplied with pH electrode, electrode removal tool, batteries and instructions. Can be used in very hot and very cold environments -5 to 50°C (23 to 122°F) Range: pH -2.00 to 16.00 pH (resolution: 0.01 pH) Temperature: -5.0 to 60.0°C / 23.0 to 140.0°F (resolution: 0.1°C / 0.1°F)

Accuracy @ 20°C: pH ±0.05 pH, temperature ±0.5°C / ±1°F