There are many uses for glass bottles in scientific laboratories, the type of glass used being dependent on the particular requirements of the application. The use of glass as a material for lab bottles is becoming less common due to the range of plastic substitutes available – which are virtually unbreakable and cost far less – but sometimes only a glass bottle will do for the job.

Glass has the advantage of being more non-reactive as well as having good heat resistant properties and being transparent. In laboratories bottles are usually used for storing samples and reagents but the items below also have more general uses that they can be put to. There is a wide range of glass bottles available in all of the popular sizes from half an ounce up to 16 ounces to cater for most needs, let’s take a look at what we think are some of the best buys around with our review of the top 5 picks…

#5 1oz Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle with Fine Mist Sprayer


The highly rated 1oz Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle with Fine Mist Sprayer comes in a box of 12 (boxes of 6 also available) and is equally at home in the scientific lab as it is in its alternative use in the home, kitchen and garden. This is a sturdy bottle that can withstand some robust treatment due to the good quality thick glass it is made from and is great for transporting small quantities of liquid when travelling as it will fit easily into any purse or bag. The amber color protects the bottle’s contents from the light. The tight fitting lid gives a great secure fit and will not leak or loosen in normal use.

The sprayer is longer than the bottle and can either be cut to the desired length or even better be left a bit longer than the bottle to make sure it sucks up every last bit of the liquid. The sprayer produces a very fine mist due to the small spray hole and if it is to be used domestically for spraying oil for example (it actually comes with a sample of oil), the hole can easily be enlarged with a needle to produce a better spray. Other uses are facial oils, face toner sprays, hair treatments, aromatherapy, essential oils, homemade hand sanitizer, air fresheners, throat sprays, perfumes, peppermint oil, disinfectant spray, insect repellents, after sun spray and cosmetics.

The bottle is available with a choice of either a black or white screw top lid and sprayer and as well as this 1oz size it is available in a bigger 2oz version.


#4 16oz Amber Glass Bottle with Trigger Spray for Essential Oils


The 16oz Amber Glass Bottle with Trigger Spray for Essential Oils comes in a pack of 6 bottles and is made from actinic glass which is amber (darkened brown) in color. This is the most popular color for dark storage bottles as it will block ultraviolet light and infrared radiation which makes it perfect for protecting light-sensitive contents in scientific labs but also ideal for a whole range of other uses.

The inert nature of the glass means that there will be no reaction between the material of the bottle and its contents which means that the essential oils won’t be harmed by long term storage and also the bottle won’t break down through time. As well as essential oils these handily sized bottles are great for chemicals, health and beauty care such as facial lotions, perfumes, hair treatments or aromatherapy as well as for many other oils that you want to spray or mist over a specific area.

Many buyers of these bottles also use the to spray atomized cooking ingredients in for example cake decoration or around the home and garden for use in insect and pest control or cleaning using natural and home-sourced products. Remember if you are going to be using these bottles in multiple applications to get some self-adhesive labels to mark them with.


#3 1/4 Dram AMBER Glass Vial – Screw Cap w/ Orifice Reducer


The 1/4 Dram AMBER Glass Vial – Screw Cap w/ Orifice Reducer – Pack of 24 is made from borosilicate glass which is less prone to thermal stress and is therefore ideal for reagent bottles. Other uses for these versatile little bottles include storage of pills and other dry goods, pharmaceuticals and essential oils and perfumes.

These small vials are sold in packages of 24, each bottle having a capacity of 1.5 millilitres (a quarter of a dram) and are therefore perfect for travel and flying. The bottles come with a foam-lined screw cap and an orifice reducer. This is a highly recommended buy for storage of small quantities of lavender oils, essential oils, perfumes and the sturdy thick glass construction will protect the contents in most cases even if the glass is dropped. It is recommended that you also buy some labels along with these vials if you are going to use them for different things to avoid mixing the bottles up.


#2 2oz Amber Glass Bottles for Essential Oils with Glass Eye Dropper


These 2oz Amber Glass Bottles for Essential Oils with Glass Eye Dropper allow precision mixing of liquid ingredients using the eye dropper, the dropper itself reaches the bottom of the bottle so it lets all of the contents be used successfully without any wastage.

A separate dropper is included with each bottle and the amber glass construction protects any liquids that are sensitive to light and which might degrade if exposed to it. This makes these bottles a good choice for eye drops, essential oils, herbal tinctures, home crafts, home-made beauty products such as shampoo, massage oil, scents, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and various cooking ingredients such as colorings and essences.


#1 1oz Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles


Our top pick is the 1oz Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles which combines the aesthetics of a really nice looking bottle which won’t look out of place in any circumstances with the practicality of a useful, versatile and sturdy container. Perfect for use in any kind of application that lends itself to a glass bottle such as laboratory chemicals as well as domestic home and garden applications such as essential oils, cooking, cleaning, insect control, beauty products, cake making, home concoctions etc. The tightly fitting screw top houses the precision dropper which allows the user to dispense the contents accurately a drop at a time. The capacity of the bottles is 29.5 milliliters.

As well as our top recommendations above, there are various other sizes and quantities available so if you don’t see exactly what you want here just do a search and you should find what you’re looking for.

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