There is a vast range of titrators available at prices ranging from under $100 to over $10,000 depending on manufacturer, quality and accuracy. Top of the range are the excellent titrators from Mettler Toledo and you can see their full range here.

We review some of the best titrators on the market below, starting with number 5…

#5 Mettler Toledo 30470855, EasyPlus EPM Titrator


First up in our reviews we have one of Mettler Toledo’s mid price-range titrators and although still on the pricey side, this is comes highly recommended.

The c features Easy EPM, a process that produces semi-automated titration by presetting the sequence of operations all the way through titration. Standard laboratory tasks including the preparation and dispensing are taken care of with ease.

Color change of samples indicate that titration has been achieved by means of the automated burette and the dispensing tip is immersed in solution to avoid errors.

The unit has a number of built-in calculations that can be preset for ease of operation and error-free results every time. Analysis can be done either via the built-in touch screen or remotely using the wheel controller that is attached through a USB port on the unit.

International unit conversion means that the Mettler Toledo can be used in any country equally effectively.


#4 Cole-Parmer Titration Kit; Burette, Clamp, Stand, Beakers, Stirrer, and Stir Bar


The Cole-Parmer Titration Kit is a Do-It-Yourself titrator, Cole-Parmer took all of their best selling titration components and compiled them into this titrator kit. The package includes glass burette, double-burette nickel-plated zinc clamp holder, lab stand with porcelain base (chemically resistant) and aluminium rod, compact magnetic stirrer and stir bars, and five beaker in the most common standard sizes (50, 100, 250, 600, and 1000 ml). Also included are a burette brush and stir bar retrievers for cleaning up after the titration.

All of this in one convenient titration kit, so rather than have to source each one individually you get them all in one go and you can be 100% confident that the component parts all work together well to produce great results every time.

The only thing that you will need to buy in addition is the titrant to add to your sample.

This is an excellent high quality kit that is perfect if you need to do titration experiments on a budget and costs a fraction of some of the top of the range lab titrators.


#3 GR Scientific, 71-0000, Aquamax Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator


The GR Scientific 71-0000 titrator uses the Karl Fischer coulometric principle of operation and is simplicity itself to use. The unit features 10 user-programmable settings and they can be set up as required to give the right level of accuracy for the application. Once the presets have been programmed in to the Aquamax KF coulometric, the titration is done at the press of a single button.

The Aquamax conforms to many titration methods and is ideally suited to the science lab where it takes up hardly any space or for portable use in the field, where it can be operated from the built-in battery.

At a higher price-point, this is an industry-leading titrator suitable for companies with a budget.


#2 MXBAOHENG ZDJ-4A Matic potentiometric titrator Automatic potentiometric titrator



Runner up in the titrator category is the Mxbaoheng ZDJ-4A potentiometric titrator. This is an advanced titration system that can be used for various types of titration depending on the choice of electrode; redox, , acid-base, pH, complexometric, nonaqueous titration and precipitation titration can all be done effectively with the Mxbaoheng ZDJ-4A. Measurement results as well as all of the test parameters are displayed on the crystal-clear LCD display.

The instrument supports pre and end point titration, manual titration and also preset blank titration. It will remember a user’s previous settings and produce an individual mode based on that, 50 different sets of data can be stored. The Mxbaoheng ZDJ-4A also supports pH measurement and calibration.

Interface with external equipment is through an RS232 port, you can connect the unit to a printer or to an external computer so that you can operate it remotely.

The package includes burette, silver, platinum, pH single bridge and double bridge electrodes, pH buffer powders.


#1 YSI 285230620, TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator with 50mL Dosing Unit and Magnetic Stirrer, Certification Included


Our top pick is the YSI TitroLine 5000 Automatic Titrator,

What we like about the TitroLine 5000 titrator is that it makes it easy to achieve perfect titration results every time whether or not you have any experience in carrying out titration experiments. The instrument takes away any need for in-depth training or specialized knowledge, with the Titroline, titration is child’s play. Results are quick and always accurate.

Based on a syringe burette and an intelligent meter to analyze the high resolution pH and millivolts, the parameters of titration are built in to the programs of the intelligence and executed for you at the press of a button.

The built-in standard methods cover acidity, alkilinity, chlorine and FOS/TAC. Electrode types covered are ORP, sliver, pH and mV electrodes.

The Titroline 5000 is ideally suited to commercial and industrial applications as well as being invaluable in the lab. Typical uses range from wastewater management and analysis through food chain analysis with hundreds of other potential applications in between.




Conductivity meters measure how well a solution can conduct electricity, this is useful in a lot of general and industrial applications. Conductivity varies with temperature and so conductivity meters have built-in temperature compensation and often have temperature measurement incorporated into the unit.
The main uses of a conductivity meter include water purification systems, boiler water, swimming pools, hydroponics (water gardening), monitoring public water quality, reverse osmosis deionization (RODI) units, fish tanks, testing well and spring water, hospitals, brewing and drink making industry. Although these are budget-priced instruments, they have been calibriated in a science lab for accuracy.

There are some great instruments for sale at the moment on Amazon, let’s take a look at our top five, beginning with number 5…

#5 Myron TDS/Conductivity/Salinity Pocket Pen


First we’ll take a look at the Myron TDS/Conductivity/Salinity Pocket Pen. This is a great little instrument suitable for many different uses that is fast, accurate and also very easy to use. This device is so easy to use that it makes taking your readings a pleasure, just press the button and dip into the water solution and you will get your reading out in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for portability and ease of use with a meter that can be operated with one hand then this is the choice for you.


#4 Hanna Instruments HI 98129 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester


Our second pick is the Hanna Instruments HI 98129 pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester, an excellent instrument that is both very easy to use and very accurate. Hanna is one of the most trusted names in measurement and this meter is no exception to their high standards. This high quality device is waterproof and will float on water. It’s ready for use as soon as you turn it on and you will get very accurate readings making it suitable for a whole range of applications. Unlike some other conductivity testers, the Hanna HI 98129 has replaceable electrodes – thus prolonging the life of the meter.


#3 YSI Pro30 Field Conductivity/Salinity/Specific Conductance/TDS Meter


Next up we feature the YSI Pro30 Field Conductivity/Salinity/Specific Conductance/TDS Meter which is expensive but is a serious bit of kit. One of the most rugged and reliable meters available on the market with an IP67 casing and a 1 metre drop test accreditation to give many years of service in any conditions. The YSI has a 4 electrode system for excellent stability in measurement making it the first choice for many professionals who need to depend on their kit to get the job done every time and can store up to 50 sets of data.


#2 Extech EC400 ExStik Waterproof Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature Meter


The runner up in this section is Extech EC400 ExStik Waterproof Conductivity meter which comes highly recommended for industrial, commercial and domestic use. It measures salinity in both ppm (parts per million) and ppt (parts per thousand) depending on the levels in your solution and has an independent endorsement from a scientist on the sales page verifying the accuracy of the meter. Although this is an advanced piece oof equipment suitable for industrial applications, the price makes it available for household duties like checking salt levels in a swimming pool or monitoring the salt in purified water.

The package comes complete with conductivity cell, protective sensor cap and sample cup and batteries are included.

#1 HM Digital COM-100 Waterproof Combo Meter for EC, TDS and Temperature, 1-Pack


Our top pick in the conductivity meter section is the HM Digital COM-100 Waterproof Combo Meter, a versatile meter that is great for measuring electrical conductivity (EC), total disolved solids (TDS) and temperature. The meter is easy to use and set up, with push-button calibration and has a very useful “Hold” feature that lets you keep the reading displayed so you can read it when the meter is out of the water. So simple to operate, just switch the meter on and dip. You get an instant, accurate reading. Highly recommended!

It has a rugged waterproof housing, comes with a full one year warranty and batteries are included.