Vacuum chambers are devices for removing gases including air from an enclosed space. The air is sucked out of the enclosure using high performance vacuum pump and the chamber has to be sealed to a high degree to prevent ingress of air using silicon gaskets which do not degrade and are resistant to chemicals. The chambers are used in industrial as well as scientific applications and are capable of maintaining their vacuum seal for days at a time.

Here are the best 5 vacuum pumps and heaters on Amazon in 2014, starting with number 5…

#5 Non-stick Silicone Oil Concentrate Round Mat for 10″ Vacuum Degassing Chambers by Busy Bee Distributors

Non-stick Silicone Oil Concentrate Round Mat
To begin with in this category we have chosen the Dab Wizard Non-stick Silicone Oil Concentrate Round Mat. This is the ideal accessory for your 10″ Vacuum Degassing Chamber and will fill the entire surface area of the floor of your chamber – allowing you to produce much more in every batch. Forget messing around trying to fit smaller, rectangular pads into the vacuum chamber, use this non-stick silicon mat that is specifically designed for the job. Note that this mat is microwave safe as well as being heat resistant.

#4 Hand Vacuum Pump by MHB

MBH Hand pump

Next up we have the MHB Hand Vacuum Pump, a great little pump at a terrific price. This pump is one of the most popular and best selling around, and it’s easy to see why. Perfect for both laboritory and school / college as well as on the shop floor. The vacuum gauge is caibrated in both inches and millimeters, the range being 0-30 inches mercury and 0-760mm mercury and it can delvelop a vacuum of 25in Hg / 620mm Hg (and hold it). As you would expect with a quality product like this it comes with a trigger for quick vacuum release. It can also be used for siphoning by attaching a 1/4in tube in place of the outlet cap, allowing you to transfer 1 cubic inch per stroke.

#3 1.6 Gallon Flat Vacuum Chamber to Degass Urethanes, Silicones, Epoxies and Burlwood by BestValueVacs.

1.6 Gallon Flat Vacuum Chamber

Our number three selection is the slightly larger version of our first choice, the BestValueVacs 1.6 Gallon Flat Vacuum Chamber. Like the 1 gallon version, it is also used in a wide variety of applications, vacuum drying, vacuum coating and to remove air from product – essential oils, urethanes, epoxies, burlwood and silicon for example – often as a preparation for molding. These are the best vacuum chambers on the market and can hold their vacuum for days. Construction is simple, being a high strength aluminum container with a clear plastic lid, sealed by a top of the range reversible silicon gasket from which the air is taken out using a vacuum pump.

#2 HeatVacXL w/ 5cfm Pump – Heated Vacuum Chamber Extraction Degassing Solvents – Heated Vacuum Chamber Extraction Degassing Solvents by HeatVac

HeatVac HeatVacXL 5cfm Pump

Runner-up is the HeatVacXL w/ 5cfm Pump – Heated Vacuum Chamber. It is often quicker and easier to degass many types of material by applying heat to them but traditional chambers are either difficult to heat or it is impossible to regulate the temperature accurately. This heated vacuum chamber is out best recommendation for accelerated degassing. Supplied as a complete kit, everything is there for you to get started – including all the accessories you’ll need and is guaranteed to be easy to set up and operate. It is a bit more expensive than a standard vacuum chamber but if you need top performance and controllable, accurate levels of heat then this product is the one for you. The HeatVacXL will hold a full vacuum, ie 29.9″ Hg, for a full 24 hours at room temperature. Ideal for extracting essential oils and aromatherapy as well as crafts and small batching.

#1  1 Gallon Flat Vacuum Chamber Kit to Degass Urethanes, Silicones, Epoxies and Burlwood by BestValueVacs

1 Gallon Flat Vacuum Chamber Kit

Our number one pick in this category is the 1 Gallon Flat Vacuum Chamber Kit by BestValueVacs. This apparatus has proven to be the best and most reliable available for the money, due to the aluminum one gallon high-strength container, the Unique leak-free bulkhead design and best gasket on the market. It comes ready to use and is the one most people depend on when they want to ensure that their vacuum is maintained. The product is supplied with a 50 micron air filter for the lid and 8×8 silicone slick pad.